Monday, 16 April 2012

Natural Death Centre Salute

The NDC's trustee board - Left - Right: Richard Putt (Trustee), Fran Hall (Chair), Rosie Inman-Cook (Centre Manager),Rupert Callender (Trustee), Susan Morris (Trustee & Company Secretary)

On the 14th April 2012 the Natural Death Centre celebrated 21 years of life. For me the NDC are a very special organisation. I picked up a battered copy of their handbook in a charity shop in Islington about a decade ago. Reading it was like being slapped around the face in the best possible way. They opened up some radical possibilities that completely transformed the way I thought about death. Their impact on me personally has been longstanding - no NDC no Death Cafe. Thanks for everything NDC, wishing you another 21 years and more.

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