Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Death Café Alternative Summer

 7 – 9pm

Wednesday June 6th with London Faerie 
Wednesday June 20th with Shokti Lovestar (for the LGBT community though all welcome)
Tuesday July 3rd with Kristie West
Wednesday July 18th with Sue Barsky Reid 

All 7 - 9pm

Venue: Cakey Muto, 25 Chatsworth Road, Hackney.

London is going to be super intense this summer. With the Olympics and the Queens Diamond Jubilee we are going to have a lot of the world’s attention.

In some ways it’s great to be hosting these events – there are 2 bank holidays this weekend (woo hoo!) There’ll be lots of good free stuff, like fireworks and festivals. And, who knows, maybe it will be a whole load of fun…

But for many of us these events ask questions. Considering everything, couldn’t we use the money for something better? Why can’t the world’s leaders behave with the same spirit as the world’s athletes? Shouldn’t we be thinking about something else?

And, short of leaving the city there’ll be nowhere to hide.

Death Café has decided to offer a series of 4 events in June and July to balance this energy and support those who are not afraid to look for answers. They’ll be held in the Olympics-land of East London, at the wonderful Cakey Muto Café.

The Death Cafés will be a natter about life from the perspective of death. We'll meet in a respectful, comfortable, confidential space and taboos about death will be lifted for the duration of the session. In our experience the conversation tends to be extremely convivial and refreshing. And the cakes are ace!

We are proud to have a group of excellent facilitators for our alternative summer of Death Cafes:
London Faerie on Wednesday 4th June  
- Shokti Lovestar on Wednesday 20th June  
- Kristie West on Tuesday July 3rd
- Sue Barsky Reid on Wednesday 18th July 

We are particularly proud that the session with Shokti is specifically for the LGBT community. As far as we know this is a world first (and if you know different we'd love to hear from you). Though this will be an LGBT Death Cafe all are welcome.

The Death Cafes run from 7 - 9pm. We'd very much like to have you join us. Please note that places are limited and we may not admit you if you're late.

Food, drinks (including booze) and most importantly cake are available throughout from Cakey Muto. The Death Cafe is then offered on a 'pay-what-you-want' basis so no one is excluded due to lack of cash. 

Let us know if you intend to come by emailing underwoodjon [at]

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