Tuesday, 12 June 2012

The Dad Project

Being a good daughter to my dying dad was tricky.

I struggled to find the balance between dedication to his needs and distraction from my grief.

At first the idea of introducing a camera into this already un-resolvable equation seemed unwise, but eventually I think it became the solution.

This is my attempt to say goodbye to my Dad with the help of my camera.

Produced by Briony Campbell.


  1. What an absolutely amazing film.

  2. Oh Briony, how very very brave of you all. Thank you for sharing your beautiful Dad with us. What a moving tribute and testimony to all your strength and devotion.

    I am thinking of you particuarly today, Fathers Day.

    Love, light and peace xxx

  3. To Briony, I said in my first attempt at a response, that this was a wonderful film - but it's so much more than that. It is so special for us to be allowed to share these last and lasting moments that you had with your father. Thank you for being brave enough to record such an intimate time - and most of all, for placing us as witnesses on the sidelines. We may not have known your Dad, but he has become collectively special to us - simply because of the fact of this film. May the comfort of strangers continue to reach you over time, through this strange inhabited space of internet.
    You made my usually fatherless Father's day one to remember. Thank you.


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