Tuesday, 19 June 2012

LGBT Death Week

Tomorrow we're having what we believe is a world first - a Death Cafe for the LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender) community. 

This is also a first for us. We've never had a Death Cafe dedicated to a specific group before. And it feels really good! We have had some quizzical comments though, and I wanted to explain why we're doing this.

I could say that there is a lot of evidence that the LGBT community is let down by end of life services. The video below trailered a report by the National Council of Palliative Care says that 'Many LGBT people do not feel that end of life care services are open to them and are concerned that they will face discrimination and a lack of understanding ... when they are dying'. I could also say that the LGBT have had a specific experience of death and dying in their community because of HIV.

But really we're doing this for 2 reasons: instinct and love. Instinct because we feel that it will be a powerful and meaningful event. Love because we love the LGBT community and want to offer LGBT people something wonderful. 
Maybe it won't work but there's only one way to find out! All the omens are good. We've got an excellent facilitator in Shokti Lovestar. The response so far has been tremendous, with around 20 people confirming they're going to be there. We've even arranged for a second facilitator if necessary, the lovely Claire Black.

And if it does work well we'd love to do events for other groups too - especially older people.

And there is great synchronicity in that this Thursday there is a free conference in Central London on end of life care for LGBT people. Its keynote speaker is Peter Tatchell. I'm going and enjoyed putting my role down as 'Death Activist' on the registration form. Please do come too if you're around - info here.

So all in all a good week for death and dying in the LGBT community! 

Please do come to the LGBT Death Cafe. Its on 20th June, 7 - 9pm at Cakey Muto in Hackney, East London.

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  1. Was a Superb meeting, teh Cakes available and the teas were delicious and quite tempting, so the session started with satisfied tummy's and relaxed sensations.
    Shoktis Facilitation encouraged a warm friendly atmosphere where conversation ideas and thoughts felt safe to flow and be discussed. the individual speakers were each a gift, neither holding the stage nor avoiding commitment to the group. each said their piece, and each was listened to with an intensity I have infrequently encountered.
    open and honest debate flowed, with each person respecting one anothers words and opinions.
    brilliant and so many afterwards were overheard to say they would have loved more time to explore the subject deeper.
    Good stuff and glad i went along.


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