Friday, 14 September 2012

Death Cafe in Chicago with Victoria Noe

Victoria Noe
Victoria Noe runs FriendGrief: "a place for you to share your experience grieving the death of a friend. Many people not only suffer a great loss, but also suffer because those around them don't understand or respect their grief."

"My Best Friend Died and No One Gives a Damn!"
Men Grieving their Friends

Tuesday, October 9th
Kuempel Men's center
1900 W. Fulton St.
Chicago, IL

Come together with other men to honor the friends you lost and their impact on you.
Have the opportunity to honor the importance and depth of men's friendships.
Contribute to the culture-busting stereotypes about men in grief.
Connect with others going through the same experience (rather than being isolated in your grief).
Understand what you've learned from your friend: the person, your friendship and their loss.
Experience a renewed sense of appreciation for what you learned from them.
Acknowledge and honor their ongoing influence.

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