Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Dias De Los Muertos at Death Cafe

This is the most significant time of the year for us at Death Cafe. Our friend Shokti Lovestar beautifully summarised why the Day of the Dead and Sahmain are so important in his recent piece for us: "This is the time to remember the dead, honour death and rebirth in ourselves, and is an opportunity to face our fear of death, move beyond that fear and know our deepest nature."

Death Cafe facilitators have been inspired to organise 4 Death Cafes in 4 days this week in Bristol, Cardiff and London:

- Thursday November 1st - Vegan Death Café in London with Els Merry Price
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- Friday November 2nd - Bristol's first Death Cafe with Paula Rainey Crofts

- Friday November 2nd - Death Cafe Cardiff with Sara Annwyl
- Sunday November 4th - Death Café London with Josefine Speyer and Jon Underwood to raise funds for the Natural Death Centre

We hope you'll be able to join us for one of these events. If not we wish you a fun and meaningful Day of the Dead. 

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