Monday, 22 October 2012

First Vegan Death Cafe

Thursday November 1st 2012, the Dia de los Muertos.

At the Pogo Cafe 
76 Clarence Road
E5 8HB 

From 7pm.

"As an anthropologist, death is present to some degree in almost everything I have studied and a lot of what I do. It’s also a subject I find endlessly fascinating due to the enormous variation in the cultural attitudes and approaches towards it, but is often not something it’s possible to discuss openly either through fear of upsetting someone or concern over the morbidity of the subject.

The cultural constructs in the West that make us so terribly formal around death are almost certainly a large part of what makes people uncomfortable in discussing it, and I believe that Death Cafe is a huge step towards depriving death of its strangeness and breaking through people’s fear of it.

Having had a lot of personal experience of death, I found that one of the most difficult things to deal with when grieving is finding it hard to talk to people without them treating you differently, almost as if it were contagious condition. This is one of the many reasons I find Death Cafe so refreshing and am keen to share it with as many people as possible.

Whatever your own reasons may be, come and celebrate Dia de los Muertos at the first “Deathless Death Cafe” in a vegan environment where all the refreshments will be entirely cruelty free.

Who wants to live forever?"

This Death Cafe is totally free to attend. Please RSVP on FaceBook or by email: cookievonstir [at] gmail [dot] com.

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