Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Death Cafe in Sonoma County, California

With Linda Siniard

Location:  O’Reilly Media*, 1005 Gravenstein Hwy. No., Sebastopol, CA 95472 (main kitchen)
Date:  Saturday, December 8, 2012
Time: 2:00 – 4:00 pm
Bring:  yourself and others who might be interested
RSVP:  lsiniard@mac.com, 707-364-8761
Please be sure to see the page titled “Principles”.
*Thank you to O’Reilly for donating the space.  This is not an O’Reilly sponsored event.

Just in time for the holidays!  Save the date and your appetite for tea, cake, and discussions of death and dying.  What?  Did I really just write that?  You betcha.  As hard as it may be to think about death and dying, just try talking about it with your friends and family.  Find friends among us where death and dying are not taboo subjects, where we are comfortable with these topics…because why?  Because they are every much a part of life as birth – just the other end of the spectrum.

The holidays can be a hard time to think about such sensitive subjects, but it’s also a good time to consider where you’re inevitably headed.  No matter what your background is, you may find good company here at Death Cafe Sonoma.  We celebrate the holidays just like everyone else, with joy and excitement for the season and the new year ahead.  We are also aware that this may be a year of change for you, and we honor your ability to just show up, especially if this is your first holiday season without someone you love.  Talk of your own life, talk of those you love, talk of those you’ve lost, talk of nothing at all.

There is no requirement at Death Cafe to share or answer questions.  You can just sit quietly and take in the conversation, oh, and eat cake.  Or, you can talk about things that no one wants to hear in terms of death and dying.  We get it.  We want to do one thing – bring death and dying out into the open, where it belongs.

RSVP:  we will bring too much or too little cake if you don’t tell us you’re coming, so let us know.  Send your response to: lsiniard@mac.com.  You can also email me with questions or concerns.  I will respond at my earliest convenience.
This is our first event, so help us by inviting your friends and family.  They may think you’re nuts, but we don’t.  We think you’re one of us.  And, they may find they are, too.  Welcome

About Linda Siniard
My name is Linda Siniard and I live in Sonoma County, California.  I am a PhD student in transformative studies with a focus in thanatology, the study of dying and death.  I come by this interest through deep personal losses of family and friends, and a genuine desire to share my insights through research and practice.  I am one of the lucky ones.  I have found many gifts through a long standing search for meaning and my external abilities to communicate effectively on subjects that defy consistency, definition, reason, and accessibility – dying, death, grief, and renewal.

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  1. Hi Linda,
    Helen Greenspan told me you are holding a Death Cafe in my area this Saturday, Feb 9. When I tried to look it up, I only found this old one.
    Please let me know about it.
    Kay Caldwell


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