Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Report back from Death Cafe Tucson

Organiser Kristine Bentz' sparkly Tucson Death Cafe zapatos

By Kristine Bentz

The First Friendly and Fearless Tucson Death Cafe was a smashingly happy success! We shared a relaxed and informational gathering. People even lingered awhile afterward to enjoy each other’s company and exchange ideas, plus contact or resource information. On a brief feedback form, guests all strongly agreed the event had a positive impact upon them and they were glad they had attended. We indeed met the greater intent of our event being life affirming and uplifting!

We extend an enormous thank you to Jon Underwood and Lizzy Miles for their energy and talent in making this all possible and supporting our kick-off event.

In summary we were 14 strong: including two facilitators and 12 guests. We all sat down with some tea and/or noshables for a wee introduction the international model and guiding principles. Then folks introduced themselves and offered a word or phrase used as a euphemism for dying or death, which they either love or hate. Whoa, did we ever come up with some good ones! We agreed part of our death distancing culture in the U.S. manifests itself in people rarely actually speaking the ‘d’ word itself. A few of the  good ones shared: expired, bought the farm, circling the drain, passing over . . . and well, the list as you know, goes on.

Here are a few words attendees used afterward to describe their experience: lively, interesting, open, satisfying, relieved, relaxed, informative and refreshing.
We will hold Death Cafes through the winter on the First Tuesdays at 4:00PM, in the Bookman's Community Room at Grant/Campbell. (In the Spring we will re-evaluate with attendees and enthusiasm to see if a new location or varied locations make sense through the summer.) Since New Year's Day falls on the first Tuesday, our NEXT MEETING WILL BE HELD ON JANUARY 8th from 4:00-5:30PM. 

Please join us at www.facebook.com/TucsonDeathCafe to learn more or RSVP to Kristine at 520.609.8396.


  1. This is such a needed community. Would so love to see one come to Cleveland, Ohio. I follow You on Facebook. So refreshing to see that death can be openly discussed, especially now that we Baby Boomers are dealing with aging, sick and dying parents. Keep up the good work and keep the posts coming!

    1. I arm seeing this for first time today as I sit in in western PA. I have,connections in Tucson, but am now residing in New Wilmington area. I am hoping something will coalese this direction. Gayle Feb 5, 2013

  2. I was sorry to miss this inaugural event, and will be away in January too, but am looking forward to February! I am so glad you're making this possible! It is much needed in our community.


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