Monday, 14 January 2013

Death Cafe on Radio 4

Death Cafe was proud to be featured on radio 4 last week in a programme called Word of Mouth with the fantastic Michael Rosen. 

Michael is something of a national treasure in England. He wrote a children's book called We're Going on a Bear Hunt that I still read to my kids now. He also wrote Michael Rosen't Sad Book about the death of his son Eddie at 18.

Els Merry Price and Diana Fleischman talked about their Death Cafe in London and I talked about Death Cafe in general.

Michael was extremely easy to talk to but, perhaps informed by his own experience, he asked me if Death Cafe was suitable for people who are immediately experiencing grief and loss. 

I feel I fudged my lines a bit on this on this one. I did say that people who have a lot of pain and grief around death might need something different. But I didn't say who we're really focused on and why.

On reflection what I wanted to say was - We're mainly focused on those who aren't dealing with death and dying right now. Our aim is to offer some time to review one's life in the context of its inevitable end. And then perhaps, when we have to deal with death and dying we might be a tiny bit more flexible and open in the way we approach the challenge.

You can listen to the programme here: . Our bit starts at around 20 minutes.

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