Thursday, 24 January 2013

Little Angel Theatre presents Passing On

7th Feb 2013

Written by Mike Kenny, this powerful play has been created from real life stories about ordinary people experiencing the ordinary but extraordinary reality of their loved ones dying in a hospital ward. 

Juxtaposing intense testimony and moving dramatic imagery with a life sized puppet, the play
explores the dilemmas facing both relatives and health professionals during end of life care in a Midlands hospital.

Jim and Joyce recall their encounters with insight, confusion, humour and love as they meet health professionals and carers on a journey which like Joyce none of us would wish to share but most of us will.

First seen as part of SUSPENSE 2011. There will be a post-show discussion with health professionals, social scientists and members of the company.

"an effective and gripping piece of theatre" British Theatre Guide

Little Angel Theatre
14 Dagmar Passage
N1 2DN

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