Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Today's interesting death event part 2

the future of death / a workshop

Led by Anton Mirto of A2 company: www.A2company.org

when does the beginning suddenly appear? how many beginnings can we have? how many beginnings have you missed already?

Working through creative movement, improvisation, impulse, earth and play, this workshop will aim to explore fears surrounding living and dying, letting go and how the confrontation of these fears can influence the way we live our lives.   
All are wellcome to apply, no experience necessary.

Background information
Research surrounding Living & Dying took root during an artistic residency at La Villette, Paris, where A2 engaged with the terminally ill, to explore: the changes of heart made (if any) on the verge of death and how this knowledge can be implemented in our lives now.

future of death workshops were 1st developed in 2005 for a performance at the ICA, see: http://www.a2company.org/projects/death2.htm Since then the workshops & the performance have been presented in Austria, Slovenia, Israel & Germany.

Participant feedback
‘A2 question our beliefs, promote self awareness, open the space for people to express, are open to uncertainty, lead without pushing, create a group, take risks, play themselves & people learn’  

‘It stimulated me in way that I was more thinking about time & wasting of time. It was much more about life than death & I like that’

Booking info

Date: March 16th 2013
Time: 2.30-7pm
Cost: £26 / £20
Venue: London, E9 - TBC.
To take part, please send a line of interest & contact details to anton at a2company@hotmail.org. Please notes that places will be limited.

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