Thursday, 28 February 2013

Tucson's Third Death Cafe Summary by Kristine Bentz

At our February Death Cafe we had the most attendees thus far (18) and quite possibly the best mexican spiced chocolate cake, ever. (Home baked by Claire! She even hand sculpted the clay couple on top of the cake.) Our cupid napkins said what some of us hope: "Next time? Totally coming back as a rock star."

We tried a new format involving origami paper boxes crafted by Cindy, containing quotes inside about dying and death. (The origami paper had wee dancing skeletons upon it!) Guests all took a box and then went into dyads or triads to open their boxes, read what gift of wisdom was inside and discuss their quotes. Some folks agreed with the treasures inside, some disagreed. A few quotes were swapped for one with more relevance. All the while, expansive conversation took place. 

And of course, we drank tea and ate cake with abandon. During a large group sharing time afterward, De Vie Weinstock (love that her name means 'of life') shared her thoughts:

"The Tucson Death Cafe is a brilliant and perfect emergence of an ESSENTIAL opening in our culture to acknowledging the fundamental reality (and necessity) of physical death.--- It is time for us to collectively open our eyes & hearts in a loving way to acknowledge and explore what Death is. The Tucson Death Cafe is a beautifully informal and nurturing way in which this can happen and I look forward to its spirit of honesty spreading far and wide."

Folks new to the group immediately relayed their gratitude and relief for having found a safe space to discuss matters close to their heart. They even wrote to me afterward to describe their sense of feeling lighter after the Cafe. What a pure gift.

Our upcoming Fearless and Friendly Tucson Death Cafes will be on the First Tuesdays at 4:00PM through May: March 5th, April 2nd and May 7th. We may change up the location and time come June and will keep folks updated, primarily through our Facebook page at


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