Thursday, 7 February 2013

Cambridge's first Death Cafe

With Rima Page, Alexandra Walker and Tracy O'Leary
Rima says:

"Both Alex and I had a parent die in early childhood, later, a husband and son . We have spent a lifetime exploring the emotional impact these deaths have left us with. We have both lived abroad and have explored cultural practices towards death in our reading and writing. We are conscious of how death is treated as infectious and mortality is not easily discussed.

"Tracy has experienced the impact of bereavement on people while organising natural burials. She speaks of her therapeutic role as a listener and people's need to have someone with whom they can talk about death."


  1. Was wondering why there was not a death cafe in Cambridge, so really grateful that you took trouble to organize it. I definitely want to take part. But am also concerned that what if it was yet another religious get-together. I need to find tranquillity and inner peace not sermon or lecture.

    1. Hi,

      Thanks for your comment. One of our principles is that Death Cafes do not lead people towards any product, conclusion or course of action. Rather it is just a time to explore thoughts and feelings around death.

      So don't worry - no sermons or lectures!

      All the best,


  2. Rima Alex and Tracy
    Would love to be there but unfortunatley celebrating a mates 60th birthday. Hope it goes really well.

    I would endorse Jon's comments save to add its also about life as well as death

  3. Hi there. I'm hoping to come along on Saturday. I'm based in Norwich and am hoping to set up a Death Cafe as part of a project that I am embarking on about life, death and storytelling.

    1. Great. Come and introduce yourself. Look forward to meeting you. Your project sounds interesting. Alex

  4. Hello everyone,

    I am moving to Cambridge in August and have been wanted to attend a death cafe so was very interested to see that one was run in March. I you planning To run this cafe more often?

    Thanks Joanne

  5. Are there any more meetings scheduled please?


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