Friday, 15 March 2013

Death Cafe Los Angeles with Betsy Trapasso

Topanga wall that just showed up one day on the side of the mountain

Sunday, March 24th, 2013
2:00 - 4:00 pm

The first Death Cafe Los Angeles will take place in a private tree house in Topanga. It is already full but there will be many more Death Cafes to come. Please email me to be placed on the email list or if you would like a Death Cafe to be held in your neighborhood.

We live in a vibrant city so let's talk about death as we enjoy the amazing food and cultures of Los Angeles. Death Cafes will be held all over the City of Angels. As your hostess, I take requests. 

Jools Barsky and Betsy Trapasso have the 'first International Death Cafe Summit!'
About your hostess, Betsy Trapasso:

I am thrilled to be a part of this beautiful Death Cafe movement started by Jon Underwood in England. I feel like a part of my life is coming full circle. Hospice was brought to the US from England in 1974 and the first hospice in the US is in my hometown, Branford, CT. My grandfather was mayor of Branford and he fought to have CT Hospice in our town. As a child I went to these hospice meetings and I saw it come to life. As a Death Cafe hostess, I am continuing on the path that my grandfather started almost 40 years ago.

I love LA. I learned this city as a hospice social worker. I drove all over LA and I helped people of most every culture, class, race, religion and spirituality die peacefully. I was welcomed into homes of complete strangers and they offered me the foods and drinks of their culture. I learned about neighborhoods many people never knew existed.  I was honored to learn this City of Angels by helping the dying and their families. I want to give back to the people and the city that taught me so much about life, love and death. This is why I am holding Death Cafes all over LA. I want to reconnect with the people and neighborhoods that I love. And the food, I can't forget the food, teas and drinks. 

You can learn more about me at my website,

Email: betsy [at] betsytrapasso [dot] com

Betsy Trapasso - end of life guide
Death Cafe Los Angeles


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  1. Bravo! It is about time we look at Death as part of Life. In the US, folks do not seem to accept this inevitability and fight like hell to avoid it. In Santa Cruz, we have Hemlock (unaffiliated w/ Hemlock) meetings that are a breath of fresh air--honest and open. Prepared to die, we can live with no limits...


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