Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Death Cafe in Hampstead, London with Josefine Speyer

Upstairs at Café Rouge in Hampstead

Monday 17 June 2013
Monday 29 July 2013

6.30pm – 9.15pm

Café Rouge, 38-39 High Street
Hampstead, London NW3 1QE
Near Hampstead tube station on the Northern Line.  Buses 286 and 46.

Join us for tea, cake and conversation about dying, death and the end-of-life. Josefine Speyer, psychotherapist and bereavement specialist, will facilitate the event. The event is free, but donations are welcome!

At Death Cafe there are only two rules we ask everyone to agree to:
1.    Treat everyone with respect and allow for differences in opinion and experience.  Everyone has a right to their own beliefs and ideas.
2.    Treat the personal stories people share confidentially.

If you wish to attend, please email Josefine with your name, and phone number and say a little about yourself.

Josefine Speyer is a psychotherapist in private practice in London since 1985. She was a founder of the Natural Death Centre (1991), (, which aims to help improve the quality of dying and bereavement. She has organised workshops and discussion groups for the NDC for over twenty years and more recently has facilitated Death Cafes at her home in NW London. Her philosophy is to embrace death as a natural part of life, to help us live more fully. 

Testimonials of the Death Cafés  in NW London:

“Wonderful to be in a space where talking about death is encouraged and valued”.

“An exciting, compassionate and welcoming, healing space. A most enlivening afternoon at the marvellous Death Café!”

‘The Death Café was an awesome space to open up and get chatting about a subject that affects us all. Thank you for creating that space.”

“A liberating experience. Made me feel free to think and talk about my death and that of others.”

“ I left the Death Café somewhat lighter and illuminated. The space to share experiences and views relating to death and dying was actually life-affirming.”

“This was a great opportunity to share with people who were open and if not like-minded, then respectful and interested in your views. A great variety of people and a great learning experience. “

“It was very open to all. Comfortable for me to participate which is very important to me. Really appreciated how Josefine held the space so skilfully. We need more of these (events)!”


  1. Cafe Rouge like us to order our food & drink at the till downstairs and pay for it. Let them know you are taking part in the Death Cafe event upstairs.
    There will be an added service charge. So please be prepared for this.

    The room upstairs is not open to the public on Mondays. The manager and staff are very kind to let us have the room and obviously they want to make it worth their while doing this for us. I hope you appreciate this. It is a lovely room with a very pleasant atmosphere. I look forward to seeing you all there! I have received 10 confirmed bookings so far, so there is plenty of room if you decide to come.

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  3. As I don't live in England (Zürich) but hope to be in London in the July date I feel this would be an enlightening opportunity to take part. It is a recurring theme with me and I was glad to see the article in the supplement that comes with our local swiss newspaper Tagesanzeiger. That is how I came to the website. It's good to know the still seen as taboo subject can be aired philosophically and all age groups present.

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  5. Josefine, I'd like to come again. Bernie

  6. We are fully booked for the 29th!
    I plan to hold monthly Death Cafes starting again in September.
    Dates to be confirmed.


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