Monday, 15 April 2013

Death Cafe in Verona, Italy with Elisabetta Lucchi and Hilary Wilson

Hilary Wilson writes: 

"The Death Cafes on the 24th April and 4th May are going to be in a place called "il cerchio della luna" - the circle of the moon. It's a herbalist shop but other things as well. they sell organic and macrobiotic food and also dietetic products. They have expressed an interest and are keen to offer a death cafe to their customers.

"Then the 5th death cafe will be held on the 11th may at the casa di ramia which is a centre for (mostly foreign) women in difficulty. It provides assistance of every type and the women themselves have expressed a desire to hold a death cafe at their centre."

The second Death Café in Verona, Italy

By Elisabetta Lucchi

There were 10 participants at the second Death Café which was held on the 8th April at the Cerchio della Luna bookshop in the centre of town

We mostly talked about the emptiness and sadness we feel during bereavement and how it seems to last forever. We also discussed how hard it is to process and accept the loss and the various different ways we all have to deal with this.

We then shared some thoughts about what to expect after death.

Everyone felt that this Death Café provided a gentle, safe space which was sensitive to feelings. The atmosphere was perfect for an open sharing of ideas and many varying opinions were expressed. The whole experience gave a sense of help, comfort and hope.

The refreshments were much appreciated as eating together always helps us to relax and open up!

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