Saturday, 13 April 2013

Death Cafe Taos, Sunday April 14th with Susan Sims, Susan Varon and Peter Callan

Susan Sims says: "I became awakened to the importance of facing death squarely when I was doing research for a client whose blog I used to write. I was researching about estate planning and other end-of-life concerns, since that is what her business relates to. Around the same time, my brother died, and I ended up planning and leading his memorial. All of this led me to enroll with the Celebrant Institute to become someone who could perform funerals for people. I will be graduating at the end of April."

Susan Varon is a poet, artist and Interfaith minister, who moved to Taos six years ago after 40 years in New York City. She suffered a stroke in 1989, and counts that event as the pivotal blessing of her life—that real brush with death helped her begin opening her heart, and reclaiming her true calling as an artist.

Peter Callan has written a book called Prepare to Die!!! And Other Stuff No One Told You, which is basically a primer for people to get their stuff together around end-of-life planning, complete with basic forms/templates. It's very user-friendly and even humorous at times.

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