Friday, 17 May 2013

2nd Death Cafe Santa Barbara write-up

by Lynn Holzman

We had our second Death Cafe Santa Barbara on Monday, May 6th from 6-8PM. 

This time we had it in a community center. We advertised in our local free newspaper. About 30 people came. 

 We served tea and cake and used my grandmother's teacup collection. 

We started with general information about Death Cafes. Then people introduced themselves. I proposed a conversation starter and we split into small groups for discussion. The topic was "Discuss the first death you remember, or the most recent, or the most memorable". 

After that we reconvened in a circle to "wrap up". It was suggested that we go around the room and say an affirmation about life moving forward. Laughter erupted as did tears during the evening. 

I printed up a "death anxiety" questionnaire for people to refer to or take home:
I had evaluation forms available, but no one has turned one in to me. 

I got a few emails of thanks. I got no negative feedback. The following is my favorite comment:

"My heart is so full of joy after tonight's Death Cafe"

We are in the process of planning our 3rd Death Cafe Santa Barbara

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