Saturday, 29 June 2013

Death Cafe in Byron Bay, Australia with Kylie Duncan

Kylie Duncan writes:

I thought I would send you a little more about who I am and why we are running the Death Cafe in Byron.

I am a board member of the Natural Death Care Centre based here in Byron Bay which is a not for profit community group whose aim is to educate and empower the community around death and dying processes and demystify some common misconceptions around death, dying and funerals.
I am also a Grief and Bereavement Specialist. I am passionate that people be empowered around grief processes, death and dying, whether they are experiencing their own death or caring for another who is dying.

The Natural Death Care Centre runs various events in the community such as the Day of the Dead Celebration each year, along with other one off activities such as discussion panels, art exhibitions and dance celebrations.

I first read about Death Cafe on the Natural Death Centre Emagazine in the U.K and immediately thought that this was a great idea to continue to promote death awareness in our community.

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