Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Feedback from Death Cafe in New South Wales, Australia by Kim Ryder

Here's a snapshot of the feedback from our first DC:

22 people attended, with 19 completing evaluations.

94.8% of those completing evaluations rated the event overall as 4/5 or above (5 being "excellent").

60% of those who clearly answered the question, said that attending this event affected their feelings about death and/or life.

81.3% of those who clearly answered the question regarding how well the structure of the discussion at the Death Cafe worked, rated 4/5 or above (5 being "very well). And 15.8% of people suggested that "more time" would be better.

86.6% of people clearly answering the question rated the overall quality of the facilitation of the event as 4/5 or above (5 being "excellent") with the most popular suggestion for improvement being "more time".

93.8% of those clearly answering the question, rated the overall quality of the food and beverages as 4/5 or above (5 being "excellent").

The most common words used to sum up the event were:
1. "open/openness" (most popular)
2. "Friendly/very friendly"
3. "Honest/honesty"
4. "welcoming/very welcoming"

Others included: encouraging, invigorating, comforting and stimulating (and many many more!)

89.5% of responses were clearly encouraging others who might be considering attending a Death Cafe.

Overall, a GREAT first Death Cafe. Thank you Hatters Tea House and Annie for being such a great venue and host. We love you!!!!!

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