Friday, 28 June 2013

Forthcoming: Death Cafe Seattle with Paige Lewis

Round-table discussion
Presents Three Intro Events

21st July 2pm

11th August 1pm
8th September 1pm

By Paige Lewis, Enthusiastic Inquirer

The Seattle Death Café kicks off with three events this summer. Each one will be an introduction with similar format. Why do three events, you say? In my experience, the smaller, the group, the better people feel about sharing.

So, having made size a priority, I located a space at Caffe Appassionato in the scenic Fisherman’s Terminal neighborhood. We will have use of a private conference room with a very large round table. Thanks to the legend of King Arthur, we shall be treated as equal voices around this round table.

I have valued to assist with organizing the events, helping me to communicate with responders, I have had a couple of meetup members jump in and volunteer their services to get this new group off to a good start.

I invite any of your comments to me, the newbie Death Café hostess, I shall be thinking of those who have hosted before me, and your 150+ successful death café events!

(What kind of cake do you recommend that I serve?)

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  1. Is the September 8th meeting at 1 or 2 pm? It's posted as 1 pm on the page but 2 pm on the previous page. Thanks for clarifying.


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