Thursday, 4 July 2013

Death Cafe in Gig Harbor, Washington with Dr. Kristine Kevorkian

Sunday July 21st
Sunday September 22nd
Sunday October 20th

10am - 12pm

At the Gig Harbour Library:

Kristine Kevorkian says:

The main reason for why I'm participating/conducting a Death Cafe is to help people understand death and perhaps share a little death education. I'd like to be present to answer questions people have about the process of dying and grieving. There are so many questions people have about death but there isn't a place to ask those questions until now with the Death Cafe!
Kristine A. Kevorkian, PhD, MSW, holds a doctoral degree in thanatology, the study/science of death and dying. She has worked as a deputy coroner, hospice medical social worker offering emotional support and counseling to terminally ill patients, including young children to elders, and their families, and in academia, lecturing and teaching classes on aging, trauma, end-of-life care, death, bereavement, grief and loss to medical and mental health professionals and students. Dr. Kevorkian combined her passion for thanatology with her love of whales and the environment through her research on environmental grief® and ecological grief®. She has presented this research in the United States and abroad. Dr. Kevorkian provides one-on-one support, educational workshops, seminars, and writes on the subjects of dying/death, grief/loss, animal companion loss, and grief related to environmental loss and destruction.

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  1. If you are also seeking Death Cafés in Seattle, we are having our debut offering 3 events on 7/21. 8/11 and 9/11. For more information see this blog or sign up até-seattle-and greater-area.


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