Thursday, 25 July 2013

Notes from Death Cafe in Ann Arbor with Diane Cramer

12 people including me (1 man, Warner)
7 returns
5 new
Age range 82-25?

Topics that were discussed: suicide: in the young and healthy and for those terminally ill, the lack of role models for facing death, the idea that we are the elders forging new territory and could become a role models for younger generations, the difference between pain management for those dying in hospice care and those not in hospice care, how we would like to die, planning our own memorial service and writing our own obituary, healing interactions that occurred before an unexpected sudden death of a loved one, home funerals and green burials.

Words to describe the event: thought provoking, inspiring, encouraging, enlightening, supportive, deep listening, interesting, community, uplifting, high vibration, respectful, flowing, supportive, informative, caring, hopeful, interesting, kind, brave, thoughtful, honest, thought provoking, humorous, honest, nurturing, informative, mutually supportive, open, safe.

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