Monday, 12 August 2013

Change it is a comin'

Hello Death Café Hosts, attendees and those interested in the Death Café movement. We wanted to take this time and let you know about a few things. 

First, we plan to have our new website up and running around the end of August. Once that has happened, it will be much easier to access information about Death Cafes in your community and also to connect with other people who value talking about death.

The new site will be much more interactive. You will be able to share links and blogs with one another as well as posting your own Death Cafe listings and write ups. This is really going to help all of us correspond with one another. Jon has been working on this website for over a year now and we’re excited for it to come to light. 

Another item that we would like to discuss with all of you is community involvement. As you all know, the Death Café movement has spread very quickly and continues to do so, which is great. However success brings challenges and right now we’re looking at all of our documents, guidelines, etc. with a view to updating them for the launch of the new website. 

Following this, we could like to have an open discussion with the community about how we do things. There is a diversity of opinion certain aspects and we would like to hear views about how Death Cafe should function. This not only pertains to Death Café hosts, but also to our attendees and to those who are interested in the Death Café movement. We value feedback and would really like to hear everyone's views. While we don’t have an exact date of when this discussion would start, we wanted to let you know that it’s in our plans to do so soon. 

Finally, we really need help from Death Cafe hosts to transfer information about your Death Cafes to the new website. At the moment the worldwide map of Death Cafes on the new site (below) is pretty sparse! If you have time to help with this, please contact Jon for instructions: underwoodjon @

Thanks everyone for all of your support. Stay tuned for more details.


  1. I dont see DC Kanasas City on the map or St joseph MO??

  2. I want to attend the Atlanta event on the 24 th of Aug. but, didn't see a phone # or email address to sign up.
    Do you just show up?

  3. There was a local news story about a Death Café in Miami (Florida). But they did no provide any contact info. Anyone knows about this recent café in Miami?

  4. I have emailed Jon but Death Cafe DC will host it's first event on October 15 (7-9pm)


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