Tuesday, 27 August 2013

The big Death Cafe website switchover

Death Cafe is about to enter the unknown...

Now feels the right time to switch over to the new Death Cafe website. This will happen in the next week or so. This will be the last post on this site.

I think you'll enjoy the new site. It is intended to be a friendly community space for people who want to talk about death.

The new website has some cool features such as a completely re-written guide to running your own Death Cafe. You'll also be able to post your own Death Cafes, search for Death Cafes by location and set up a profile. Hopefully it will create an opportunity for more people to talk or think about death.

The new site is far from perfect so your open-mindedness and, especially, patience are very much appreciated.  

We only have 43 of our 200-odd Death Cafes listed on the new site at the moment. I am determined that all the Death Cafes from this site will be added over time. If you want to list your Death Cafes in the meantime please email me.

Otherwise, see you on the other side!

Update 4th September: Everything is ready(ish) to go and I would switch today but the company that I use to manage the domain for this website won't let me do the switch for an unknown reason! The new website will be live asap. Apologies for the delay and thanks for your patience.


  1. I will get my write up together very soon. Sherry

  2. Jon....congratulations on all your hard work to make this a reality.
    Death Café -Millerton, NY

  3. Death Cafe San Diego has doubled it's locations. LightBridge Hospice is now also hosting a Death Cafe and they have walked every step of the way with me to do their first one! We're rocking here and changing lives one Death Cafe at a time. And, Jon, it is because of you that this is happening! I still need to put in the Death Cafe San Diego info into the new site.

    Be well...live life!

    Death Care San Diego, CA

  4. Will it still be the same web address? I'm just doing my blog write-up of last night's event now and want to direct people to the right place!

    1. Hi Carla,

      Yes, it will still be www.deathcafe.com. I thought about changing over to www.deathcafe.org because we are very much a non-profit organisation but have concluded that this would be too disruptive.

      Please note that links to specific posts on this site will not work when we move to the new site.

      All the best,


  5. Can't wait for the new site, Jon--this is such a great idea! Much to post regarding Death Cafe San Francisco :)


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