Monday, 19 August 2013

Today! Death Cafe Santa Fe with Elyzabeth Stow

The next Santa Fe Death Cafe' will be:

MONDAY, AUGUST 19th, 6:30- 8:30pm

In the past few weeks in looking for a new space to hold the cafe', I contacted Steven Gabaldon, the funeral director at Berardinelli Funeral Home.

He was very open to having the cafe' in their community room in the McGee Chapel building, which is across the street from the Funeral Home on the corner of Alta Vista and Luisa streets. There is ample parking both by the Chapel and across in the funeral home's lot.

Bring your questions, experiences, thoughts and wisdom to share regarding the inevitable for us all.....mortality and how that influences...or not...our present lives.
Possible questions worth pondering ( if you like):

How does it feel to be discussing this topic in this setting?

What is the difference between knowing one day you will die, and finding out you are dying?

What are the beliefs and stories we tell ourselves about death and dying?

Last month we had a lovely turn out and some good questions and answers which arose from our small group discussions. I am looking forward to another evening together to explore this most intimate of topics for us all.

Please take time to register with me if you are going to attend. Bring a friend and pass this mail on to those you feel would be interested.

See you Monday the 19th.

Elyzabeth Stow

I would like to ask those attending the evening to make a offset the costs for refreshments and beverages. Many thanks.

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