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A Matter of Life and Death at Llansor Mill

Llansor Mill describe themselves as an 'emerging community' who 'explore and experience together, what the 'spiritual journey' is about.' They say 'Many of us would identify ourselves as Christian, though from widely differing church backgrounds, and with differing levels of involvement in institutional Christianity. Others have different faith backgrounds; and others again don’t have a faith background at all, and aren’t sure if they want one!'

They have a beautiful venue in a valley at the southern edge of Monmouthshire, Wales. They are offering the 4 day course called 'A Matter of Life and Death" which looks incredible.

October 11th-14th (Thursday am to Sunday lunch - arrive Wednesday 5pm) 

What: A four day event exploring what death means to us. Is it a taboo? Are we comfortable with the reality of our mortality?

We will discuss living life to the full in the context of the inevitable – (our) Death. This will be done in range of ways - speakers to meditation to shared discussion.

Where? In a quiet and contemplative space at Llansor Mill, near Usk. Easily accessible from M4 and mainline stations.


Thursday 11th Oct - Day I:What is Death?

“From Life to Death Meditation”

Look at the person next to you and realise that they are going to die, then focus on yourself and realise your death. Everything we do and say is moving towards that event. How could a deeper awareness of this objective truth which effectively shapes everything change or influence the quality of our living and relationships?

The 23rd Psalm “ Yea though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death”

Friday 12th Oct - Day 2: Planning your own funeral workshop

After an introduction from a speaker, we will plan our own funerals, and discuss:

What is a funeral? What’s its purpose?
What are the essential ingredients of the deceased’s life ?
Music, rhythm, readings meditations, prayers, address/ /eulogy family involvement etc.

-Evening film such as” Last Orders “ Michael Caine

Saturday 13th Oct - Day 3: Presentation of creative funeral planning

And during the afternoon, the main event:


(See below)

Sunday 14th Oct - Day 4: Meditation

Living your life to the full in the midst of death.

Event concludes at 2pm after a 'life-giving' lunch.

DEATH CAFÉ - Saturday October 13th.

Over tea and cake, we will offer a Death Cafe as described below:

The objective of this Death Cafe is "To increase awareness of death with a view to helping people make the most of their (finite) lives". www.deathcafe.com. The following is an excerpt from their site...

“At these people come together in a relaxed, confidential and safe setting to discuss death, drink tea from beautiful china and eat delicious cake in a celebration of life .Death Cafes have been offered in a diverse range of places such as funky cafes, the Royal Festival Hall and people's homes. The events have invariably been very special and and feedback has been fantastic.
At Death Cafes strangers are invited to meet in a friendly place and discuss death over tea and cake. We're not trying to lead people anywhere - we think the good stuff is where people are at already. We just create a safe space and, for a couple of hours, death ceases to be a taboo.
So then, Death Cafe. All this talking about death. What for? Thinking about death sometimes feels like a perverse and masochistic thing to do. At the best of times it’s still pretty risky.
Bernard Crettaz, who developed Cafes Mortels in Switzerland and France said that when death was 'liberated from the tyranny of silence', people were 'born in authenticity'. This is an eloquent way of saying that death helps people get back to what really matters. And what matters consistently seems to be living a good life in your own way.”

Death. Helping to create meaning and purpose since humans first cottoned on to the fact that life isn't forever. 

For more information on the event please visit www.llansor.org.

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