Sunday, 30 September 2012

Bristol's first Death Cafe!

2nd November 2012
at 40 Alfred Place, Kingsdown, BS2 8DH
2.00 - 4.30pm

Paula & Simon of Heaven on Earth Green Bespoke Funerals are holding a Death Cafe

to coincide with the Mexican Day of the Dead.

We will be providing a safe, relaxed space in which fears and joys of death and mortality
can be freely shared.  All this in confidence and enjoyed with tea and scrumptious cakes.

The event is non-profit making but donations to cover expenses welcomed.
If you would like to come and indulge please do RSVP to: or phone (0117) 926 4999. 

Paula Rainey Crofts says:

"I have been "half in love with easeful Death" ever since I can remember,
having been brought up in a Roman Catholic convent and having to dwell on aspects of
death every day!

"We had an early death in our family and 40 years later another and they were
undertaken in exactly the same way……time for something new I thought when I had
to have a career-change…and suggested to my partner Simon that we open a coffin
shop.  He thought I had said "coffee shop"... and we took it from there and opened our
shop "Heaven on Earth" in 1995…driving around Bristol with coffins on top of a Peugeot 206 Junior......selling just coffins when it was impossible to buy one without having the whole funeral package. Our unique selling point was making coffins as pieces of furniture so's to get maximum use.

"Today we are a fully established Green and Pink Funeral Directors although we prefer
the term Facilitators, encouraging people to get involved as much as possible with the
funeral and celebration, as families and friends always plan the best ones - if you let them. 
Our joint experiences have led us to believe that unless you come to terms with death, life can be compromised, so we hope that running a Death Cafe will give people without a platform an opportunity to come and share their own experience with others in confidence and love.

"At each event we hope to have someone from the ‘alternative trade’ - a funeral celebrant,a shroud maker, coffin maker etc. For our first one we will be inviting a Humanist Celebrant talk about secular ceremonies."


  1. Fabulous! Just the job. Congratulations, and a great mug too.

  2. This sounds very promising and much needed. I wish you all the best with it and wish I could be there.


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