Tuesday, 22 January 2013

3rd Ann Arbor Death Cafe


The third Ann Arbor Death Cafe went very well. 
 We had 9 people, all women and all but one of them new. 

The conversation really clipped along. Here's some of the topics we discussed:
  • I can take control over my death. For someone who hasn't had much control in life, this is a powerful thing.
  • I don't want to be medicated too much as I am dying. I want to be able to be aware. I don't want to be medicated for someone else's convenience.
  • So many times when someone dies we try to fit into the mold of a traditional funeral when those traditions are no longer really a part of our life. People want choices, and we are the voices for spreading the word about natural death care alternatives.
  • In the Chinese ancient tradition, one ceases eating and goes up into the mountain alone to die.
  • We have an inability to ask or to say if we are dying. We need to plant the seed that it's Ok to talk about death and shift the silence.
Book recommendations:

Film recommendation:
Event recommendation:
  • Hold an "end-of-life" planning dinner party or weekend retreat for friends to come together to fill out the "Five Wishes" document and talk about what we want when we die. 
I'm already looking forward to the next one!

Next Ann Arbor Death Cafes:
  • February 16
  • March 16
  • April 20
All from 10am till noon at 214 S. Fourth Ave, Ann Arbor, MI. 


  1. I just read an article about "Death Cafes" and was delighted to find out that our town is hosting this important conversation. I'll be there at the next meeting. Best to all,

  2. I just heard about the Death Cafe meetings - do you know if anyone is planning to start these in the Indianapolis area? Thanks!

  3. Hi Nina. Thanks for your comment. You are the first to come up with the idea of holding a Death Cafe in Indianapolis. Please email me to discuss further: underwoodjon [at] gmail [dot] com. All the best. Jon

  4. I just heard about these too. Do I need to register to come to the Ann Arbor Cafe February 16th?

  5. No advance registration necessary. Just show up!

  6. Hello my name is Keith Famie, I am a film maker who is working on a film that is part of a three part series for DPTV

    Please look at www.embraceofaging.com

    I am interested in coming to film with your group on April 20th for my film " The Embrace of Dying"

    We have just completed the film film in our series " The Embrace of Aging" the male perspective of growing old.
    You can watch a trailer for the film at the website. We have a premiere for the film at the Novi Emagine theatre on Novi 20th at 5pm. We are also working on the film about women and aging at this time as well.
    You can see a trailer for that film at the website as well.

    Please let me know who I can talk to about this.

    Thank you.

    Keith Famie
    I can be reached at 248-869-0096

  7. I just came from visiting the Chelsea area. If I had stayed one more day, I would have attended your Death Cafe today. Could you tell me when the next one is scheduled? So happy to hear there is a Death Cafe in Ann Arbor!


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