Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Zombies vs. Death Cafe

Zombies are all over our media. Is the fascination with them connected to attitudes about death?

Megan Aileen Williams thinks so. Megan is organising a Festival of the Living Dead in London and is also an organiser for World Zombie Day: London. She writes...

"Zombies are right now hugely popular in genre of horror and I think it would be interesting to explore why that is.

"I think those interested in zombies often have a healthy and almost scientific curiosity about death. It's existence in fiction represent a non-theological, life after death scenario that people can explore. As death is a state of unknowing for us all, the zombie is also unknowing. The physical degradation taps into our fears of ageing and "falling apart" while the loss of cognitive function and regression to pure instinct can be both terrifying and liberating for people to consider."

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