Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Leicester’s first Death Café

We invite you to join
Leicester’s first Death Ca
where we will drink tea and eat nice cake together.

Whilst doing that we hope to share an open discussion about any aspects of death which come up.

Ann, Keith and Maxine planning the Death Cafe

The hosts are Maxine, Keith and Ann who each have special interests and experience in opening up thinking and awareness in death, dying and funerals. The aim is to create a safe comfortable space for the gathering at the café.
There is no religious or non religious affiliation.
Let us know you are coming (see above for contact details)
We are really looking forward to meeting you then!

"We're getting bookings steadily now and places limited (well we want to have enough cake …don't we?) So book now if you want to come along!"

Email for booking: deathcafe.leicester @ hotmail.co.uk

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  1. You can't get poorer than dead!


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