Sunday, 12 May 2013

100th Death Cafe

Yesterday our 100th Death Cafes took place. 

As things turned out, this was Verona, Italy with Elisabetta Lucchi and Hilary Wilson. It was in the Casa Di Ramia Intercultural Centre for Disadvantaged Women, and was organised at the womens' request.

Our 100th Death Cafe feels really significant and is certainly an opportunity to look back joyfully. In the US, England, Canada, Wales, Australia and Italy (and soon to be Scotland and New Zealand) people have gathered over food and drink to discuss death. And as you can see from this blog, the results are often magical.

These events have been brought to you by a number of people, including Bernard Crettaz, Sue Barsky Reid, Lizzy Miles and me. But they also include all of you who have organised or been to a Death Cafe, or read about and rejoiced in this work. Thanks everyone so much! * group hug *

It felt good to mark the occasion (even if I didn't get to mention it) with a national UK radio interview which got a lovely response: (Death Cafe bit starts just after 49mins in). This resulted in an extra 750 people visiting this site.

Those working on Death Cafe are a diverse bunch but I think we're all proud of what we've achieved and are very much looking to the future. And talking of which, we said there would be a something special for our 100th Death Cafe and there is...

Despite there having been 100, Death Cafes have actually only happened in around 30 places. It's ok if you live in Bury St Edmunds or Columbus, Vancouver or Ann Arbor but what if you don't?

There is something special about meeting in person to discuss death and dying but could the Death Cafe magic be recreated over the phone or the internet? We're curious to find out. 

Lizzy, Don, Dale, me, Nigel, Kristie and others have been exchanging ideas about this for a while. We have decided to trail Death Cafes over the internet and phone for a short period of time.

Please stay posted for a schedule and join us in finding out if this works - if so it will enable more people to have relaxed, joyful conversations about death. 


Death Cafe Facilitators
Would you be interested in being part of this experiment? We need people to:
  • Offer a trial Death Cafe to a small group of participants over the phone, skype or Google+
  • In advance of this help to develop a short guidance note to help facilitators
  • After the trials help collate findings and draw some conclusions about whether / how best to continue
  • Help with booking and scheduling
If you'd like be be involved please get in contact: underwoodjon @

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  1. Congratulations on the 100th!! We are excited to be forming a Death Cafe in Austin, TX to be held VERY soon. Watch for more details in the coming days...
    ~Jo Jensen


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