Thursday, 9 May 2013

Pagan Spirit Gathering, Earlville, IL with Sherry Gilles and Raymond Anderson

Week of June 16, 2013 date TBA on site

Pagan Spirit Gathering, Earlville, IL

Free to attend for those at this well-known, well-attended Pagan gathering

Our community has experienced many deaths this past year. Pagans are more likely to acknowledge the circle of life but still have trouble finding people to talk with about death and there are many who have not really given death and dying much thought. Hosting the conversations around death is important in order to support our community members and friends.

We will be burning incense and lighting candles to provide a soothing atmosphere and have squishy stuffed puppies to provide tactile comfort. We have also been in contact with our camp's onsite psychological support team and they will be at the cafe to provide back up support if needed since we cannot anticipate how many people may show up at this cafe.

Hosts are Sherry Gilles and Raymond Anderson. Sherry is an RN with over 22 years of experience dealing with people and their health, physical and psychological issues. Both have experienced deep personal losses in their lives and believe in helping others through service.

We will be offering snacks that don't melt and which (hopefully) won't be eaten by raccoons while camping and offering tea. We will do our best to provide something suitable for the vegan crowd as well as providing old standards of child hood like moon pies and crumb cakes. Crowd-permitting perhaps we can send a picture or two after the event. Hopefully our dancing skeleton aprons arrive in time!

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