Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Death Cafe in DownEast Main with Chuck Kniffen and Rhonda Welcome

The Cobscook Community Learning Center will be hosting a Death Café on June 4th at 7pm at their location in Trescott, ME. Chuck Kniffen and Rhonda Welcome, newly wed and newly relocated to Lubec, Maine will be organizing and facilitating the event. 

Chuck is a Purple Heart recipient of the Vietnam war, recently retired from thirty years in the field of social services and he has an MA in Philosophy. Rhonda has raised up four children while running an small organic farm, running a team of sled dogs across half the state of Maine, running the Community Kitchen at the annual MOFGA fair and all the while working as a Licensed Veterinary Technician. 

Each brings a unique experiential perspective of death through which both have developed a deep and abiding commitment to love and life.

Death Cafe is a recently formed social franchise based on the ideas of the Swiss Sociologist, Bernard Crettaz, and brought from England to the U.S. by Jon Underwood. The basic objective of these discussion groups, limited to about twelve participants for each facilitator, is “to increase awareness of death with a view to helping people make the most of their (finite) lives”. 

The event will be open to all persons, regardless of age, creed, et al . The only limits to the conversation about death will be based in mutual respect, compassion and no pushing folks to this or that conclusion. While this is neither a grief counseling group nor an estate planning forum, etc, there will have a list of referral services which participants are welcome to. 

And, their will be lots of tasty delights to chew and sip your way through the early evening discourse on death.

As we talk about death and learn about life, there will be room aplenty for personal stories of death and grief or tall tales loaded with black humor; we will solemnly discuss the idea of Afterlife with as much verve as we pursue an inquiry into our popular fascination with Zombies and others of the undead ilk. 

If you would like to be a part of this global movement to take death from beyond the dark recesses of the closet door and, in so doing, shed the light of understanding on the wonder of life, please sign up early to get your spot at the table.

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