Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Feedback from Death Cafe Nevada with Paula Schneider and Laurie Jain

St. Peter's Episcopal Church
Our Death Café was a success, though we unknowingly (well - we figured it out too late to make a change) scheduled it for a holiday weekend. 

We had 7 attendees and 2 moderators and the time passed much too quickly! We provided handouts of interesting articles related to end-of-life issues, including a "favorites" book, movie, and music list. We also brought our favorite books for people to see. 

We created some questions ahead of time as "seed" questions to keep the conversation going, and this was helpful. We also created a handout called, "Rules of the Game," which we read aloud before beginning our conversations.

On the evaluations, we got all 5's and a few 4's, and this pleased us. People indicated they felt safe, heard, and validated. All in all, we believed it was highly successful and we plan to host another one in the next few months.

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