Thursday, 30 May 2013

Online Death Cafes

Tombstone cookie photo by Lizzy Miles
On the occasion of our 100th Death Cafe, we also announced our intention to trial some online Death Cafes.

Following conversations between around 15 Death Cafe people in 3 different countries, we're now in a position to announce an initial schedule:
  • Monday June 3rd,  5:00 - 6:30 pm PST - with Betsy Trapasso. Betsy has been organising Death Cafes in Los Angeles. Her next is on Sunday June 9th. Betsy is using Skype for this event. If you want to take part please email Betsy on betsy @ You can read about Betsy's next offline Death Cafe on the 9th June here.
  • Tuesday June 4th 8 - 9pm GMT - with Kristie West. Kristie attended our first Death Cafe and has facilitated them in places including the Royal Festival Hall and a yurt. Kristie has a unique talent for working with grief but this session will be Death Cafe rather than a support group. Kristie will be using Google Hangout so participants will need a (free) Google+ account. To book your place see Kristie's online Death Cafe page. Kristie is planning to make her online Death Cafes with her a regular monthly thing.
  • Wednesday June 5th 12 - 1pm GMT - with Eveian Salmon. This will be Eveian's first Death Cafe and she is particularly interested in running them online. Eveian has designed a beautiful flyer which you can see below. Please email eveian01 @ to book your place. This Death Cafe will use Skype.
We're excited about this development so please do volunteer to attend a Death Cafe or hold one online to help us find out if / how it works to talk about death online.


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