Monday, 3 June 2013

Death Café in Saffron Walden, Essex with Ritama Rudder and Maneesha James

Wednesday June 26th
7 - 9:30pm
The Friends Meeting House, High St. 
Saffron Walden

We would like to invite you to Saffron Walden’s first Death Café. 

Over tea & (homemade!) cake let’s discuss a subject that touches everyone’s life. 

Ritama Rudder and Maneesha James will host the evening. 

For booking, please contact Ritama: 01799 599589 email devaritama @

I decided to co- host a Death Cafe in Saffron Walden after having attended one in Bury St Edmunds. It seems to me that we all shy away from the topic of Death and yet it is something we are all going to be touched by in one way or another in our lives.

Working as a gardener when not working as a complimentary therapist I see and touch all that is to be celebrated and enjoyed, what better  than to be present to all that is extraordinary right up until the last moment. Looking more closely at the things that we think scare us we often find its not so bad. That the talking, exploring, sharing releases something, and can allow us to live this life in a different way.

About why I want to do co-host the Death Cafe:I've felt for many years that Death gets bad press; that it's wrongly maligned as being the enemy of life. It's time we look at our common destiny, especially in light of it being so fear-riddled. We're witnessing a whole turnaround in attitude, as being voiced through the Death Cafes. 

As a psychotherapist and a meditation facilitator I love supporting people to move beyond their fear. This is an exciting and totally timely phenomenon with which to be involved.

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  1. Looking forward with interest to attending on Wed


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