Saturday, 22 June 2013

Write up of Death Cafe San Diego and next date from Karen Van Dyke

Watch The Magic Happen

Lizzy Miles told me to keep it simple, let it flow and watch the magic happen.  That’s exactly what took place on the evening of May 13, 2013 at Casa de Luz in San Diego.

There were 18 of us ranging from age 20 something to 60 something…inspiring women and four wonderfully curious men.  All came with open hearts and minds.   There were Roman Catholics, Spiritual Atheists, Jewish/Buddhists, Religion Virgins, Jews, Creative Source of Life, Unity and everyone embraced the topic and dove in with abandonment.

Some of the words used to describe the Death Café:

Uplifting     Open      Enjoyable     grateful
Inclusive     Challenging     Sharing     respectful
Intense     refreshing     fun     Collaborative
Comments made included:

Very insightful and encouraging
Wanted to be part of the first ever Death Café in San Diego
Grateful that you conducted this
No one rambled on with personal agendas
We are stewards of our hours and days…be happy about how you spent them
Hearing other people’s experiences and perspectives was refreshing
Sharing thoughts and feelings seriously
Great communication between the attendees.
The discussion left me with a feeling of warmth and compassion

We served tea and truffles towards the end…the next day I noticed I had a spring in my step….still do.   The next Death Café San Diego is Thursday,  June 27th at Casa de Luz from 6:30-8:30pm. 

Karen Van Dyke
Death Café Hostess and Organizer

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