Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Introducing Find Me Help...

Find Me Help is a new website for people in the last years of life, their family, carers and friends in the UK.

It has been funded by Macmillan Cancer Support and delivered by Dying Matters. Since October 2012 I have been employed as the project manager. I have also coded the site, with oversight and help from Sean Legassick of Datamage.

Although it is early days, the site is already the most comprehensive list of services for people in the last years of life in the UK. This has been achieved with the support of many including Help the Hospices, the National Council for Palliative Care, Age UK, Carers Trust, Sue Ryder and Marie Curie.

I am very happy to be working on this project as part of the work I do as Impermanence. I have wanted to put together a site to support people who are dying and those close to them for ages and I think this resource is really good.

My motivation for this work comes from a number of personal beliefs. I think that our death is a very important time of our lives and has a seismic impact on those who live after us. A good death can be an opportunity for great personal growth and the positive transformation of relationships. This requires support, care and most of all love from those we're close to.

I also believe that helping people who are dying is one of the best things we can do with our own lives. I have had the privilege of connecting with many who provide service to those who are dying, their families, carers and friends and it makes me so happy to know that this work is going on.

Find Me Help aims to help people access these services more easily. Services can list themselves, manage their listing and see an area profiling. A set of practical guidance for people who are dying and their families has been produced by Sue Brayne, who writes with empathy and understanding.

If you're working with people who are dying in the UK, please list your service here. We are also considering making it an international resource. If you're supportive of this please let me know.

Jon Underwood

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