Thursday, 18 July 2013

We're moving...

As you'll probably have noticed, Death Cafe has grown really, really quickly. Just this time last year, we'd held less than 20 Death Cafes. Not the total is over 170!

This is really great news because is means that people all over the world are using the Death Cafe model to have meaningful discussions about death (with added tea and cake). But this success is bad news in terms of posting timely updates on the website or enabling people to find where Death Cafes are being held.

I realised quite some time that this current website was not fit for what what we were becoming and started writing a new one. This was just over 1 year ago and it is finally nearly ready to go.

The new website will offer a number of enhancements. You will be able to post content yourself - Death Cafes of course, but also blog posts, art, videos and more. You will be able to search for Death Cafes near you. You'll also be able to build up a profile, and link up with other people interested in talking about death and dying all over the world.

So this is to alert you that we'll soon be moving to a new site, and our processes around posting Death Cafes will be changing.  I hope you enjoy what I've developed for us.

Jon Underwood

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