Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Write up of Death Café in Kansas City, Missouri with Sandra Krantz and Peggy Turner-Beatty

Kansas City Death Café kicked off its inaugural conversation at Unity Temple on the Plaza with delicious Mexican Mandarin Cake (cinnamon chocolate cake topped with chocolate ganache, mandarin oranges and vanilla cream), oatmeal cinnamon and lavender chocolate chip cookies and strawberry kiwi tea. YUM! 

Eighteen people attended, with backgrounds such as mindfulness coaching, hospice and long-term care, Funeral Consumer Alliance representatives, and individuals interested in dying with dignity and alternative funeral planning. We were so grateful to have representatives from the St Joseph, Missouri Death Café group join us and lend their experience to our first effort. 

After Sandra launched the discussion with some great resource information for planning and coordinating end of life concerns and details and a soulful chorus of “Will You Hold Me When I Die,” we engaged in lively conversation with Peggy facilitating.

The discussion was enlightening, inspiring and illuminated many possibilities for future Death Café meeting topics. The ad hoc feedback was very favorable and the next Death Café session is eagerly anticipated by all! 

 We are looking at mid-July for Kansas City Death Café number two.

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